Here it is...the last gift before the giveaway is drawn tomorrow!

Yep...the last and final addition to the gift box is a gorgeous little Australia inspired Wedgwood plate!

So the total contents that the lucky winner will receive:

  • One large handmade, organic lavender soap on vintage rose platter

  • One small handmade, organic lavender soap

  • Two handmade Christmas tree decorations

  • One stuffed fabric kitty keying in Christmas colours - red and white

  • One very important things handy peg

  • One silver Tiffany inspired necklace

  • One packet of book plates from Juky and Beatrix

  • One Wedgwood plate in Australian green and gold

Wow! What a haul!

Last days to join the blog! Join now to put your name in the draw for this lucky giveaway! Drawn tomorrow evening, Australian eastern time.

Love xxx