My new crafting goddess domain...Mr K keep out!

Mr K and I have recently decided to declutter the study...with its two massive desks from the Queensland State Library, it was indeed very full! Mr K wanted to discard one of the desks, but I offered to do all the moving myself, if he would let me reorganize the garage to make it fit!

Well, fit it did. And now I have an awesome crafting space all to myself! After all, no one else like to hang out in the garage! It's a win win situation!

Look at how I'm now set up! I love my own little piece of crafting heaven!

Top shelves, delightfully organized and out of reach of Miss A's little hands!

My collection of ribbons resides on an old curtain rod installed just for this purpose...

The box at the front is an old tea bag box...perfectly compartmentalized to store all my little bits!

This is an old set of wire drawers that was in one of the cupboards when we moved in 5 years ago...I have prettied them up a bit by lining them with some of my favourite tea towels with their edges hanging over and camouflaging the wire drawers....