Crafty Things...

Well, Miss A and I have ad quite a day! With Mr K at work and the weather not great, we spent the day making christmas decorations!

Since I had some Christmas balls left over from the wreath project, I decided that Miss A and I would use these to get crafty...but what to make? As I was putting the dishes away from the dishwasher, my eye ran over a set of 4 plastic egg cups, purchased from a $2 shop for one of Miss A's school projects. Well my mind got ticking and this is what we came up with...


  • 4 cheap plastic egg cups

  • a few christmas balls - not too big

  • hot glue gun

  • coloured paper

  • ribbon scraps

  • glitter glue pens

  • cotton wool balls

  • butons

  • innovation!

Here's what you do....

Using the hot glue gun, stick the christmas balls into the top of the egg cups. Use some coloured papers to make various dresses...we made an angel and Mrs Clause.

Use glitter glue to draw faces on the christmas balls...

and to decorate the dresses!

Here is our angel..

This is Mrs Clause...

And here is our snowman! You will notice that we have simply covered the ball and egg cup with cotton wool...those of you who own a nespresso machine, will recognize the used (cleaned) capsule I have used for his hat!

Miss A and I had some much fun doing this...It was a wonderful day! Love xxx