Things to make...Christmas Wreath

So, I have promised you all to share the creation of my handmade Christmas wreath. Here it is...enjoy! I loved making this, and I love the final result!

Supplies required:

  • a few cheap packets of christmas balls. I got 3 packets of 10 balls, various colours and textures, two sizes, from a local $2 shop.

  • a hot glue gun

  • some ribbon scraps. I used wide chiffon type ribbon, in lengths of approximately 15cm each.

  • a cheap battery operated length of christmas lights.

Total cost ~ $8

Open your Christmas balls and cut off all the strings. Plug in your hot glue gun as you are doing this, so it is ready for the next step.
Using your hot glue gun, stick the balls together with the string hanging bits (do they have a name??) towards the middle. Start woking on creating a circular shape.
Create the full base circle.
Start gluing more balls on top of your first circle. Make sure it is slightly smaller than the original. Once this is finished, create some bows with your ribbons and stick in between the balls on the top layer.

Weave your christmas lights throughout, making sure that the battery pack is secured at the back of the wreath and still accessible to switch on AND change the batteries!
Tie a length of ribbon to the top of the wreath so you can hang it up. Turn on the christmas lights and ENJOY your amazing handiwork!