Things about marriage...part 3

So here is the promised part 3 of things about marriage...

I mentioned that Mr K and I had being mostly happy...well I did that because it's a reality! I have yet to meet one married couple who has never had an argument! Have you?

So Mr K and I live our own version of the fairy tale. Like everyone we have our occasional tiffs, which have decreased substantially since we have now been together 9 years (married for 6).

A lot of our issues did stem from my past with Mr M. As I mentioned previously, he was not a particularly nice person towards the end of our time together.

Unknowingly, Mr K sometimes hit a nerve in certain phrases he used (like 'that's not good enough'), and this caused me to fly off the handle. Also, I had an issue with Mr K and his drinking antics. These have settled now that he is a 'big boy', but early on his drinking caused me all sorts of flashbacks! I recall I once kicked him out of the house....can't remember why now, but Miss A was only about 2. He spent the night at a cheap motel, and Miss A and I spent the night snuggled together in the martial bed!

Life has been good for us for the last 2 to 3 years. We have come to know each others pet hates, loves, nuisances and habits! It takes time to build such a strongly grounded relationship. So merrily we continue on our journey together...who knows what the future holds, but the time to enjoy and appreciate is NOW!

Love you Bub xxx