{tutorial} Vintage doily snowflake mobile

This is a sweet project all year round! Gather your supplies:

  • Selection of fabric doilies (all sizes, shapes and even colours if you wish)

  • PVA craft glue or fabric stiffener

  • Jar

  • Bowl

  • Baking paper

  • Ribbon or string

  • Sharp scissors

  • Circle templates (different sized glasses for example)

  • Two branches of approximately 30cm each

  • Lead pencil

  • Hot glue gun

In the jar, mix a ratio of 1:4 parts water to PVA craft glue. Screw the lid on and give it a good shake. If using fabric stiffener, skip this step and follow manufacturers instructions.

Pour mixture into your bowl.
On a flat surface, lay out as much baking paper as required for the number of doilies you have to lay out flat.

Drop a doily into the mixture in the bowl and squish around to ensure that all the fabric is saturated.

Squeeze out excess mixture over the bowl and lay the doily on your baking paper. Ensure that the doily is smooth and wrinkle free. Repeat with all doilies.

Allow to dry overnight.

Carefully remove the doilies from the baking paper. They should be very stiff. Using your circle templates, draw circles where you want the final pattern to be seen.

Cut out the circles carefully. Save your scraps for other projects.

Lay out your circles in approximately the pattern you want them to be when strung up.

Grab your branches. Lay them out in a cross shape and glue them in place using the hot glue gun. Bind them using string or ribbon. Alternate sides as you wrap them so you end up with a cross shaped wrap. Add a small loop for hanging.

Thread your ribbon or string through one of the holes in each doily individually. Using your desired layout, attach doilies to each other to make several 'strings'. You will need at least 4 strings. Make the lengths different to add interest to the finished project.

Tie each of your doily circle strings to the branches, holding them up occasionally to ensure an approximate balance. When you have finished, hang your snowflakes where they can be admired!!