Things I make...ceiling wreath!

This one is for those of you who have little people running around who like touching the decorations on the tree! Save your delicate decorations by making this wreath hanging from the ceiling!
You will need:

  • A plain Christmas wreath (I got mine in the half price sales at Spotlight last year)

  • A screw in hook

  • Some ribbon or decorative string

  • Your delicate ornaments

  • Tinsel if you wish

First tie the ribbon or string to the wreath at approximate quarters.

Screw your hook in the ceiling at the spot where you want your wreath to hang. Mine is in our front hallway.
I also added an open paper clip to the strings to ensure a straight hanging wreath.

On a stepstool, carefully thread your baubles onto individual branches and hold in place by twisting the end of the twig upwards. Add some tinsel over the top of the wreath to add some interest to the top where there are no ornaments. Voila!