Things about marriage...part 2

So....where was I?

That's right...a girlfriend gave me Mr K's phone number. Nervously, I decided to give him a call...just after Christmas 2002. Mr K was suitably surprised, but graciously invited me to his house for a catch up.

I arrived at 10am, only to find Mr K with his butt hanging out the front door whilst he was vacuuming the small entrance landing! He finished the tedious task and asked me to follow him upstairs, where the main part of the house was. Well....we got straight into catching up! No awkward moments, just chilling out and chatting...before we knew it, it was dinner time, and Mr K went inside and whipped up a delicious creamy pasta. We settled on the balcony with our meals and continued to chat.

11 hours later, I thought it best to go home! read right....11 hours we spent together just chatting and laughing comfortably! It was amazing to finally have a friend back!

Mr K proceeded to invite me to the New Years party planned at his house a few days later...nervously I accepted, knowing that there would be other mates from school to chat with should I not feel comfortable...

Fast forward three or so days...I nervously knock on the door, only to find Mr P, a dear school friend of mine, opening the door! I was so excited! I spent most of the night talking to Mr P, and thoroughly enjoyed his company...but, it was Mr K who made a move at 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning!

So, Mr K and I have been together since then. I won't say happily, because everyone goes through their dramas, but mostly all good.

To be continued...

Part 3 will explain our ups and downs, recurring issues I had from the marriage to Mr M, the arrival of Miss A and lots of bits in between!