Stuff it...I am going to blurt!

And why not? Everyone else seems to be blurting on my behalf anyway! (Miss L this is NOT directed at you...rather a work colleague!)

The blurt

Mr K, Miss A and I would like to formally advise you that Baby Blob (as its current appearance will not deny) will come into this crazy family around the 3rd of September! That's right peeps, you read correctly! We are having another bub!

So now I can reveal a few more things...

1. Morning sickness does not only last the morning...I can't even stand the smell of Mr K's deodorant, my usually beautiful soy candle scents or anything that used to sweetly tickle my nasal passages!

2. I am tiiiiiiired...all the time! I can't wait until this phase passes...though I do rather enjoy nana naps!

3. I have not had the energy to get off the couch most nights coming home from work...hence why nothing exciting on the blog!

4. Miss A was NOT impressed when we first told her...more to the point "I don't want another baaaaaabbbbyyyyyy" (thankfully she has now embraced the idea!)

5. I am grumpy....all the time! Damn hormones! (and going cold turkey off antidepressants probably doesn't help!)

6. My clothes already don't fit me! I am only 8 weeks! Jeez!

This weeks progress...