Things about jewellery....

This post was inspired by Vintage Bird Girl, who displays all her necklaces on a newly purchased spoon rack! What a great idea! I am now on the hunt for a rack of my own, but in the meantime, here is a collection of my jewellery and the ways I currently display it all.....

This is my main storage for my fashion is a simple cork board, painted white, with small nails added to the frame to hang all my stuff. The board is strung up by a deep green ribbon with a white feathered bird attached.

Underneath the board, I have a men's coat piece of furniture. This has two small drawers filled with watches and other bits. On top I have a small vintage bowl with angels as feet, which holds some of my rings. The crystal bowl has cotton pads and the crystal perfume bottle was a birthday gift many years ago from a family friend who is now deceased. It holds a special place in my heart.

This is an embroidered piece from my grandmother. I love the simplicity and it is only adorned by one necklace and a bling hair band.

This is the top of my vintage dressing table, a gift from my amazing sister! You can see all the bits on there, including a bird cage which I received for Christmas last year, full of yummy toiletries! Now it serves to store and hang my earrings.

Here is a close up of the cage with earrings hanging off the edges. In the pink waterlily bowl are more earrings!

A vintage mirror sits on top of my dressing table, and is surrounded by perfumes and more jewellery!

Close up of some of my bracelets. They reside in a crystal bowl recently acquired from my mum.

One of my hanging trees...this has long necklaces and rings stored safely and within easy reach.

The other hanging tree, a gift from Ms L for my recent birthday. You can see it is already well adorned with necklaces, bangles and rings!

My collection of headbands which lives over the top of the dressing table mirror...

My collection of pearl necklaces..hanging from the mirror.

The contents of the little white cabinet on the right hand side of the dresser. Here live brooches, more earrings and other special treasures. The granddaughter plaque at the back on the bottom shelf was given to me by my grandmother when I was 12.

This gorgeous cross was a gift from mum a few years ago. How beautiful is it?

Finally, the very appropriate picture hanging above my dressing table! See...I have so much stuff, but I love it all!