Op shopping goodness! As in..."goodness me! I've found a good stash!"

Today's op shopping adventure is proudly brought to you by moi and my close buddy at my vintage vow...

We had an absolutely awesome time today, and as always when accompanied by dear friend, I scored some great finds!

Four little milk jigs, for a project to be divulged at a later date...a French jar with lid and fill line, a sweet little glass that will be used to make a deliciously scented soy candle for Mrs T...and some amazing doilies...now these were termed latch ware doilies! They are delicate and beautiful!

A beautiful little cushion, stashed amongst the baby cot sheets...big sister to one I already have...and some more doilies!

A set of various size and shape baskets to store my ever growing crafting stash...keep your eyes open for some amazing things for sale in the new year!

A cute set of five copper cups with star motifs cut out...currently being used for Christmas decor, casually draped at the entrance to the back door...

A sweet chicken in a bright red teapot! This will live on the kitchen wall somewhere...a great florally cookpot...I have a few ideas but haven't settled on a decision yet!

Four cut glass bowls...one amazing enamelware dish, a retro plate in amazing brown, earthy tones, and a sweet little tea set!

And my very, very, very favourite find of the day? This wonderful 1 litre bottle!!
Love love love xxx