Buttons and ribbons...a DIY Christmas

You remember my little crafting expedition last night? Well, I have found some larger branches, tied them together to form one 'tree" and moved all my little creations to their new home....in addition, due to the size of the new arrangement, I have made the following sweet button and ribbon string to dangle elegantly over the branches!

You will need:

  • string (raw type is best)

  • ribbons, all sizes and colours

  • assorted buttons

  • hot glue gun

To make this streamer, simply thread your buttons onto the string, leaving approximately equal gaps in between. Tie a knot at the back of the first and last buttons to secure the entire thread.

On the back of the threaded buttons, glue some matching coloured ribbon bows.

Voila! Enjoy your little sweet ornament!

Love xxx

What do you think? Not bad for a few dollars worth of fabric, ribbon and buttons!