Top secret things...

This time last year I was prescribed antidepressants for severe anxiety issues. I had symptoms such as those relating to heart you can imagine how scary they were! I even went to hospital several times and had the ambulance come to our house! Let me tell you, anxiety attacks are not to be sneezed at! They are very scary, very real and very debilitating.

After 12 months on antidepressants, I have put on 10 kilos! Not bad for a drug supposed to assist with people self esteem issues amongst other things! Anyway, I have decided to take myself off the antidepressants over the holiday break...I figure I have 3 weeks to get over the yukky side effects they cause at dose changes.

I am certain that I no longer need them, and am now ready to self control any anxiety that arises. I will return to acupuncture and vitamin supplements to assist me.

Have any of you been on antidepressants? How did you go getting off them? Did you lose all your weight? Are you still successfully living without your disorder? Are you taking any vitamins or doing anything else to assist?